How to Wear a Saree Bengali Style


India is a diverse country with different cultures, traditions, and practices. Every state has its own way of celebrating its customs.

Each state has its own unique costumes and religious practices. But apart from all this diversity in various parts of the country, India is one nation.

One of the unique traditions is Bengali culture because of its values and traditions. You can clearly see the elegance and beauty of Bengali women.

Especially when they carry a saree that is traditional but has a modern touch to it. You can always identify the Bengali saree from a distance because of its uniqueness.

Are you in search of how to wear a Saree in Bengali style? Keep your worries aside as I am here to tell you Bengali saree draping style.

I am sure you must have seen Bengali women wearing white sarees with red borders. Have you ever thought about the reason for wearing it?

Well, the red color and other accessories such as “shankha” and “pola” signify the status of married women in Bengali culture.

Despite your marital status, location, and culture, wearing a saree bengali style lets you celebrate your rich culture and tradition.

Wearing anything that is attached to your roots just uplifts your mood and makes your day special.

By now, I am sure you must be curious to learn how to wear a saree in Bengali style. So without further ado, let’s dive into the process.

How To Drape a Saree Bengali Style Step By Step?

how-to-drape-a- saree-bengali- style-step-by-step

Every saree is beautiful in itself, but what matters is the style of draping. The style of draping can just elevate the look and bring elegance.

Draping a saree is an art. I have seen women wearing a simple Bengali saree draping style in a way that looks classy and sophisticated.

An incorrect way of draping a saree can ruin the entire look of the most gorgeous saree out there.

Any kind of draping looks great on a Bengali saree, but there are two primarily popular ways of draping a Bengali saree.

The Traditional Bengali Style of Saree Draping

This is an easy way of draping a Bengali saree that is manageable and looks beautiful. It is manageable and hassle-free.

The Bengali saree draping style depends on clean pleats and keeping them in place to get that graceful look.

The Bengali saree draping style has more pleats, and the size of the pleats is small.

Follow The Below Instructions on How To Drape The Saree Bengali Style:


  1. Start by tucking your saree inside the petticoat above the navel in such a way that the bottom part of the saree touches the ground.
  2. Tuck your saree towards the left side and make a complete circle, then return to your initial position, which is on the right hand side.
  3. Without making a full circle, take the rest of the fabric towards the left. Do not tuck the saree at the back near your waistline.
  4. At this point, you will start making the pleats, so make sure the lower part of the fabric is levelled to the ground before tucking the saree inside to provide a neat look.
  5. Once the pleating is done properly, ensure whatever steps you have taken are smooth and arrange the pleats properly to make the saree wrinkle-free.
  6. Now bring the pallu across the right to the left side and bring the remaining part of the saree in front and tuck it in at the back side of the waist.
  7. Now arrange all the pleats in a manner that is proportionally aligned to the ground. Make sure to keep everything in place, properly see the pin position, and smoothen the saree in a way to give it a clean look.

Saree Draping in Modern Bengali Style

One of the most popular styles of Bengali draping is the modern Bengali saree style.

Even celebrities have been seen slaying the red carpet with modern Bengali draping rather than the traditional draping of the saree.

At this point, I am sure you must be very excited about the modern draping style of the Bengali saree. Now without further ado, let’s dive into the process of draping a modern Bengali saree style.


  1. Start by tucking the slightly below the navel and wrapping it towards the right side. Complete one turn and you reach the original position. Make sure the saree is a little above ground level.
  2. Make a rough pallu out of the remaining saree and tuck it over the left shoulder.
  3. Now they take the remaining untucked part of the saree and make broad pleats.
  4. Now tuck the pleats near the navel and then remove the wrinkles from the saree.
  5. Now make a pallu with small pleats in a neat way and place it on the right shoulder and then secure it with a pin.
  6. Now ensure that each part of the saree is nicely done and wrinkle-free. And make sure the saree is draped tightly.

Tips For Wearing a Saree in a Bengali Style

To avoid any extra mishaps in the Bengali look in saree here are a few extra tips given:

  1. I am sure you must have seen celebrities in the red and white Bengali look in saree. It is because they take care of the small details of the draping, each wrinkle is made correct to give a perfect look.
  2. The Bengali saree is draped with the intention of enhancing the female body, so it is important in the initial process of draping that the saree is held tight to the body.
  3. For any special occasion to look extra special, carry gold waist griddles. A perfect Kamar bandh will tie up the look in a beautiful way.
  4. If you go into the depth of detail, the Bengali drape has more pleats than any other style of draping, so it is important to use an ample amount of safety pins to keep the drape in position.
  5. Always pair a Bengali saree with a full or quarter-sleeved blouse. Try to avoid sleeveless or halter necklines.
  6. Always try to choose a saree with heavy borders. Red and white are preferred colors.

Hope this will help you drape the saree in the right way. 

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