How To Wear Gujarati Style Saree Step By Step Guide


The soft as well as pleasant Gujarati culture wins hearts as well as minds in the blink of an eye.

When it involves society, the conventional Gujarati set is ruling the style chart for ages.

Also I’m a die-hard fan of Gujrati-style saree draping as well as have been lugging it on several celebrations.

I really feel that the seedha pallu saree is much more revitalizing than regular styles, providing me with confidence over the whole clothing.

Oh, you too enjoy to wear a Gujarati saree? Yet, alas, don’t understand how to curtain one, right?

Fret no more as I’ll share the best detailed overview of “how to use Gujarati saree” with every one of you. Remain tuned!

Just How to Use Gujarati Saree?


The Gujarati saree is additionally referred to as the seedha pallu design. Unlike ordinary designs, we curtain the Gujarati saree in anticlockwise style.

Right at the end of draping, you require to bring the pallu from back to front on your right shoulder and put the free-end in your left waist.

I make certain you got the idea of putting on a Gujarati saree now. Without any hold-up, allow’s jump into far better understanding the seedha pallu style saree draping method.

Detailed Overview to Putting On Gujarati Saree


Wearing a Gujarati saree is straightforward as well as manageable adequate to lug in a day-long event.

When draping a saree in the Gujarati means, you need to keep in mind that the garments will certainly wind around your body in an anticlockwise direction.

Likewise, the front pallu is the significance of Gujarati sarees.

So, right here are the actions to use a Gujarati saree while keeping all the aforesaid points in mind.

Step 1: Select a georgette as well as best chiffon saree brands for the best Gujarati appearance. Likewise, a saree with a detailed pallu will look the best for your function.

Step 2: Select a matching shirt and petticoat for your Gujarati saree. You can also wear a saree shapewear if you want.

Step 3. Wear the blouse and also petticoat before curtaining the saree on yourself. Keep a lot of safety pins ready near your hand.

Step 4: Step inside your heels prior to beginning the draping to approximate the space between the ground and also the garment properly.

Step 5: Mainly, the pallu has a larger Karigari or a distinctive palette than the continuing to be body. Also, the bottom part is the one having a sewn fall and minimal information than the pallu. So, initially, identify the pallu and then continue in the direction of the draping.

Step 6: Take the non-pallu side of your saree and readjust the height from the ground. Currently, begin putting the upper side of your saree in your underskirt from right to left. Avoid curtaining the saree in the same area greater than as soon as.

Step 7: Keep putting the saree around your waistline as well as full one full circle to reach the factor from where you had started. Tuck the saree nicely to get the finest Gujarati appearance.

Step 8: Now, take the loose end of your saree and tuck it in your left waist by maintaining some textile hanging at the front. You can pin the section with the waistcoat for a snugly curtained appearance.

Step 9: Changeover the loose end of your saree from the back, and bring the pallu to the overlook your right shoulder. This is the most distinguishing action in traditional gujarati style saree draping.

Step 10: Make small pleats on your pallu (around 4-5), and tremble them gently to organize them well. Your saree may often tend to slide while pleating. So, utilize your thumb and hold each pleat in place firmly prior to making the brand-new one. Finally, secure your pallu with the shirt utilizing a safety pin.

Step 11: Now, take the frontal untucked part of your saree and make well-aligned pleats. Usage box pleats with both-sided grooves in this part. Hold the pleats highly, give them a gentle shake as well as pull them directly using your other hand. There are no restrictions on pleating the frontal component. Maintain doing the same till there are no loosely-hanging sections in your apparel. Further, tuck the whole fabric near the navel nicely.

Step 12: It’s time to develop the iconic seedha pallu currently. Take the left-end of your pallu, cover your breast, as well as bring the end towards your left back securely. Adjust the size of your pallu and tuck the left-end and pin it up if needed. Ideally, your pallu should constantly continue to be above the knee.

Step 13:If you don’t desire the conventional seedha pallu appearance, after that I have an excellent service for you. Take the left-end of your pallu and attach it on your left shoulder. Unlike the conventional look, the pallu will certainly stay on your shoulder (and also not the waist), creating a stylish dupatta appearance.

Step 14: Enjoy on your own in the mirror and identify the flaws. There could be some areas where the fabric is not tight or consists of creases. You require to repair them well before marching in the Gujarati saree.

Step 15: If some sections look unassembled and messy, you can take up more safety pins to bring a sleek appearance.

Step 16: The pallu is heavy sufficient to misshape the continuing to be types of saree materials. So, if you are preparing to attend a lengthy occasion, I recommend using 3-4 pins to protect the pleats well in a Gujarati saree.

Woohoo! You prepare to slaughter the Gujarati-style saree on all occasions effortlessly.

The Gujarati saree could seem tedious to a fresher. Nonetheless, with some technique, it becomes super-easy and convenient to lug a Gujarati saree.

It ends up being also simpler to wear such a saree if you know the distinction between a normal and modern Gujarati style saree.

What is The Difference Between Ordinary and Gujarati Saree?

difference-between-ordinar-and- gujarati-saree

Do you know just how a Gujarati saree is different from normal sarees? I have actually some ideas to divide the Gujarati sarees and determine them also in a dense group.

As you saw, the Gujarati saree is nearly similar to the regular saree style except for the pallu as well as curtaining instructions.

While you curtain a regular saree in the clockwise instructions, you use counterclockwise winding with a Gujarati saree.

So, if you see the curtaining carefully, you can separate a Gujarati saree in the blink of an eye.

When it pertains to Gujarati design saree using, exactly how can I miss out on the seedha pallu!

In the standard sarees, the pallu continues to be on the front and hinges on the left shoulder.

However, in the Gujarati design, you will certainly see that the pallu comes from the back to the front, and also stays on the best shoulder.

Also, the Gujarati-style saree covers your breast location entirely from the delegated ideal diagonal.

You need to follow these differences and also drape these sections meticulously.

Considering that, these entities separate the Gujarati saree from the others, you need to focus on these locations greater than the remaining draping.

Do’s and Don’ts in Gujarati Design Saree Draping


The Gujarati-style saree is a sophisticated set. The seedha pallu sarees are recognizable from a range and require comprehensive treatment while draping.

Did I daunt you? Don’t worry. Adhere to the below ideas and also precautions when wearing a Gujarati saree and also look like a typical lady having years of draping experience.


  • Choose a saree with a gorgeous pallu when using it in the Gujarati style. It will certainly create a contrast in the seedha pallu, and also complete your standard appearance.
  • Maintain the drapes tight and neat throughout the draping to develop a polished look.
  • Usage enough safety pins to safeguard each area of your Gujarati saree.
  • Ensure that you put the saree nicely inside the waistcoat with no bulges.
  • Use the footwear before draping the saree. It will certainly provide you with the right idea concerning the final height of your saree.
  • Hold the pleats in one hand and also pull them downwards using the various other. It will iron the pleats and also maintain them in place for a long term period.


  • Don’t put your saree in the very same area more than once to stay clear of a bulky look.
  • Avoid picking a fluffy saree like fabric when bring the Gujarati design. It will add a wide framework to your body.
  • Do not leave the pallu unattended without safety pins. Since the pallu is heavier than the continuing to be saree, it may diminish quickly. To be on the much safer side, use 3-4 pins as well as fasten the pallu securely.
  • Don’t use your saree expensive from the ground. It will create a highly unprofessional saree look.
  • Pleats are one of the most crucial part in a Gujarati saree. So, don’t spoil the pleats with unequal as well as crinkly folds.
  • Don’t put on as well heavy accessories if your saree is elaborate and also densely created.
  • Bring a hefty necklace will certainly ruin your overall seedha pallu look. Attempt maintaining the locket marginal as well as prevent discrepancies from your appealing draping.

Just How Do You Use a Front Pallu?


Are you tired of the normal pallu design? It’s time to appear your saree appearance as well as try the front pallu style saree.

From stars to fashionistas, the front or seedha pallu saree has ended up being a sensation over the years.

To use a front pallu saree flawlessly, you require a lightweight saree. These sarees will certainly decide on your body snuggly without creating a stout look.

After wearing the blouse and petticoat, you can start putting the non-pallu side inside the waistcoat from right to left.

When you complete a cycle, take the pallu, leave some material near the navel, as well as put a side near the left waist. Guarantee that you follow each step neatly.

Currently, take your pallu from the back as well as bring it to the front from your right shoulder.

Right here, you require to pleat the pallu and also safeguard it with the shirt using a safety pin.

Even more, you likewise require pleating the frontal saree part and put it near the navel in the middle.

Ultimately, produce the suitable seedha pallu by taking the left-edge of the pallu and also tucking it inside the waistcoat near the left waist.

Some Famous Gujarati Sarees

Sarees from West India have actually been swiping hearts for centuries.

Just like their culture, their saree heritage is vivid and also adds a superb array to our conventional ensemble.

Did you ever before question what are the lavish sarees in Gujarat? Let me give you with a comprehensive listing of the popular Gujarati sarees in our nation.

Patola Silk Sarees:


The patola silk sarees are jeopardized as well as push the border of disappearing.

Nonetheless, they are still one of the most exciting sarees from Gujarat as well as have two varieties – Patan Patola and Rajkot Patola.

Bandhani Sarees –


The Bandhani sarees mirror the abundant workmanship in Gujarat. The dyed garments are ideal to produce any style of your choice.

Chanderi Sarees-


The elegant Chanderi sarees have a different fan base. Ladies all around the country like its sheer appearance as well as clear body.

Gharchola Sarees-


The Gharchola sarees locate their usage as conventional head drapes. These are the offspring of the iconic Bandhani sarees from Gujarat.

Maheshwari Sarees


Who can turn away from the remarkable Maheshwari sarees! The spectacular combinations of cotton and pure silk comes to be dangerous with detailed Zari-work on the garment body.

Leheriya Sarees


Leheriya sarees are made from brightly-colored Kota silk, having unique patterns. These are yet another present from Gujarat and exceptional additions to a lady’s wardrobe.

Exactly How to Wear Gujarati Saree in the Modern Means?

Now, you currently recognize how to put on Gujarati saree generally. Yet do you recognize that there are lots of modern fashions to lug a Gujarati saree?

Well, you can explore your Gujarati-style saree and also develop a twisted look effortlessly. Allow’s check out the most ingenious Gujarati saree looks below.

  • Lehenga Style Gujarati Saree

A lehenga style saree is a basic discrepancy from traditional draping. You need to layer the pallus and tuck each of them separately in the center to create this modern-day look.

  • Ghunghat Design Gujarati Saree

When bringing the pallu from back to front on the appropriate shoulder in the conventional draping, you require to maintain the hanging material over your head and also change the ghunghat length.

Tuck the remaining portion near your left midsection and also complete the draping.

  • Lehenga with Gujarati Dupatta

You can wear a lehenga as well as set a dupatta in a seedha pallu design to produce a standard Gujarati appearance.

  • Simple Gujarati Saree Draping

Damage the seedha pallu stereotype as well as curtain a typical Gujarati saree in the normal Nivi design. Boost your appearance with statement fashion jewelry to get a regal look.

Besides putting on Gujarati sarees everyday, you can bring them on your D-day too.

The seedha pallu design will certainly never ever head out of fashion and maintain offering an outstanding vibe.

With some creative thinking, you can produce the best modern-day wedding event looks with Gujarati sarees. Let’s review several of them briefly.

Exactly How to Use Gujarati Saree to Look Slim?

There is a typical idea amongst ladies that Gujarati sarees look great on petite body frameworks only.

Let me tell you that it is an entirely false belief. All women can carry Gujarati sarees and also look phenomenally slim.

Curtain the saree securely at each step to stay clear of unneeded fluff. Also, keep the pleats organized and arranged on the shoulder as well as navel region.

You can even put on a saree shapewear under the saree to add extra slimness to your appearance.

Exactly How To Adorn Gujarati Saree?


The Gujarati sarees have a tinge of gold, mainly. So, gold precious jewelry looks the very best with traditional gujarati style saree.

You can try Kundan sets and standard Gujarati jewelry to duplicate a West-Indian lady.

Besides, you can blend as well as match other jewelry pieces as well as appear lavish in a Gujarati saree.

Gujarat has a lot to supply in terms of design as well as style.

It provides us a range of exclusive sarees and also genuine seedha pallu techniques for all the saree lovers available.

With a distinct mix of creativity as well as fashion feeling, you can uplift the ordinary appearance and look also much better in a Gujarati saree.

Be it in a fully conventional or modern-day style of how to wear a saree in gujarati style, you will certainly look just as divine and beautiful in such an innovative draping.

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