What is The Difference Between Lehenga and Skirt ?


Who does not like to wear flared outfits as well as resemble a princess? I’m sure, there is no person.

When it concerns flowy ensembles, two clothes win our hearts: lehengas and skirts.

Do you really feel that the lehenga as well as skirt are the same?

No, they aren’t! Below I will disclose all differences in between a lehenga and a skirt.

What are the distinctions in between a lehenga and a skirt? Typically, a skirt is Western wear but lehengas are Indian.

A skirt is a two-piece outfit. In contrast, a lehenga is a three-piece costume having a lower outfit, a choli, as well as a dupatta.

What is Lehenga?


Prior to we go anywhere, let me introduce you to both the challengers in our conversation. Let’s begin with the lehenga!

So, what is a lehenga, nevertheless?

Lehenga is an Indian ensemble. It is a three-piece outfit and tends to disclose the stubborn belly, midsection, and also back.

A common lehenga brand collection includes a lengthy skirt-like silhouette, a choli, as well as a heavy dupatta.

Since you understand something about lehenga, it’s time to carry on to the following competitor.

What is a Skirt?


A skirt is a freely suitable garment put on from the waist and also encompasses the knees or ankles. I

t is a flared garment with elastic or drawstring near the waist.

Usually, ladies use skirts with a leading as well as could carry a scarf for added appeal.

Previously, males and females utilized to wear skirts even throughout the old people.

Carrying on, let’s take a look at the distinctions in between a lehenga as well as a skirt.

Significant Distinction In Between Lehenga as well as Skirt

Before we contrast the refined elements of lehenga as well as skirt, allow’s recognize the major difference individually.

Lehenga is Indian wear. You can locate referrals to Surat Lehenga in manuscripts created throughout Mughal and also Rajput ages.

On the other hand, skirts are Western attires.

Although specialists have actually found out recommendations to skirts throughout early human being, they are mostly Western as well as ended up being increasingly prominent during Victorian culture.

With the above distinction in mind, you are prepared to review even more refined factors right below. Keep reading!

10 Differences Between Lehenga and also Skirt

After checking out the initial distinction between a lehenga and a skirt, you are all set to dive into more factors.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Lehengas and Skirts Have Architectural Distinctions

Lehengas are three-piece outfits. It consists of a long shape put on from the waist and encompassing the ankles, a choli or blouse, and a dupatta.

On the other hand, skirts are two-piece outfits normally. They consist of a loosely fitting shape tapered at the waistline and also cost-free near the ankles, as well as a top.

They Have Layout Distinctions

Since lehengas are Indian, they have conventional layouts like Bandhani, Kalamkari, needlework’s, as well as flower concepts. Besides, they could have rich sequin benefit added allure.

Nevertheless, a skirt is a Western garment. So, their designs differ from lehengas.

Ancient skirts were primarily plain. However, modern-day skirts have prints and geometric designs.

They Are Accented in Different Ways

Ladies adorn lehengas and skirts in a different way. Lehengas look excellent with conventional silver and gold fashion jewelry.

Indian girls carry bangles, Jhumkas, pendants, Maang Tikas, as well as Naths.

Skirts do not fit in with such accessories. They look the most effective with minimal fashion jewelry like a chain with a necklace, tiny danglers, and a bracelet.

They Can Be Put on At Different Places

Indian lehenga can be used at various areas based upon their functions.

Lehengas are Indian and look ideal in all social functions like Bridal Lehenga events and other traditional ceremonies in the subcontinent.

In contrast, you can lug a skirt on occasions like celebrations with friends as well as casual events.

Nevertheless, you can carry a lengthy skirt in Indian celebrations too offered it is suitable and also elegant.

Lehengas Are More Popular in India

Being an Indian ensemble, lehengas have massive appeal in the subcontinent.

From wedding events to social events, ladies love to lug lovely lehengas. So, they are very popular in India

Several females in India put on skirts on various occasions. Yet, they are less popular than lehenga in the subcontinent.

They Have Various Schedule in India.

Lehengas remain widely readily available in all garment shops in India.

You can discover a substantial stock of these costumes in Indian markets. I typically get bewildered with the lehenga ranges offered in India.

Nevertheless, skirts do not have such schedule.

You can find them in particular Western wear shops and also top quality electrical outlets in India. Also after that, the array is restricted for skirts.

Skirts Have Much Better Global Impact

Lehengas are not as preferred as they are within India.

You can discover them in international areas where the Indian population is fairly bigger especially USA.

Things are a bit various for skirts. Think it or not, skirts have an international impact.

They are a buzz amongst women throughout the globe from the United States to Europe and also Asia.

Lehengas Have Heavier Dupattas

Although ladies carry headscarfs with skirts, it is an optional addition to the costume.

Nonetheless, carrying dupattas with lehengas is mandatory.

The dupattas that Indian ladies bring with lehengas are heavy and also intricately developed. On the other hand, the headscarfs for skirts are fairly easier.

Lehengas Are a Lot More Revealing Than Skirts

You currently know that lehengas are three-piece costumes. The choli and also lehenga stay some inches apart revealing the stomach, waist, and also back.

It’s not constantly the case with skirts Typically, women lug covered tops with skirts that do not subject skin.

Nevertheless, modern females do bring plant tops and also bralettes that reveal the torso. However, wearing them with skirts is not mandatory.

Lehengas Are Costlier Than Skirts.

Undoubtedly, lehengas are much heavier as well as have elegant handwork. So, they are costlier than skirts.

What is a Lehenga-Skirt?

Do you know? A mix of lehenga and also skirt is referred to as a lehenga skirt.

It’s neither Indian nor Western. Actually, lehenga skirts are a contemporary idea.

They are fit for Indian functions but have modern-day styles like skirts.

Lehengas as well as skirts are the most effective attires that you can obtain for women.

Although they have some distinctions, they are worth checking out. Depending upon the event, try them out currently!

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