Top 5 Famous Lungi Brands in Tamilnadu

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While these lungi marks that are referenced above are well known all over India, you want to remember that there are a few brands that are renowned in tamilnadu lungi brands where lungi is a fundamental piece of the day.

Top Lungi Brands in Tamilnadu

SRS Lungi


Begun in 1974, SRS represents Sree Rajaganapathy Stores. It was begun for the ones who wear lungis in Tamilnadu.

Later their business potential expanded, which assisted them with going across Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, and Karnataka.

They offer Bombay Dyeing lungis, cotton really look at lungis, Polyester lungis, printed lungis, white actually look at Muslim Lungis, plain hued lungis, and Kerala plan lungis.

They offer more than these, and there are towels, sarees, and nighties from SRS.

Kibs Lungi


The main element about this brand is they utilize conventional handloom techniques to offer handloom tamilnadu lungi brands to its clients.

It additionally has the worldwide quality items for its innerwear like vest and clothing.

Another variable that gathers consideration is that the colors utilized are non-aggravating, and synthetics.

They likewise reuse and guarantee a gushing treatment and bio-degradable items, and add to the climate.

The lungis are 100 percent cotton, and credible handloom garments.

999 Lungis


This brand that is popular in Tamilnadu was really established in 1910 in Kolkata. It was an exchanging foundation at first and as of now it has a worldwide presence.

There are 20 agent workplaces across India and in the South, their workplaces are situated at Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh.

They additionally have solid market in Qatar, Dubai, and Maldives. The 999 have a gigantic scope of lungis which remember the plain and really look at lungis for different varieties.

Energetic and unobtrusive tones in ranges that you can’t envision are accessible here, and you can likewise get the standard white check and plain white lungis.

The denim lungis from these brands are extremely well known.

Ismail Lungi


Islamic shop is an internet based stage for Ismail Lungis. It has ethnic wears for people, for the supporters of Islamic religion yet quality items for all.

Ismail Lungis has extensive variety of tamilnadu lungi brands which incorporates white lungis of better quality, white lungis with checks, Kattari, trade quality white lungis, white and dark blend lungis which checks of different aspects.

You can likewise go for single shaded lungis with similar prints and really take a look at choices.

Gowri Tex


It was started in 1980 as Sundar and Co. Presently the brand is one of the top and driving makers of cotton lungis, bed sheet, and different items.

They take care of the necessities of shifted clients, and you can get cotton lungi and polyester cotton blend lungis.

You can likewise get superior sewed lungis from this brand. They take care of the requirements of fluctuated clients and you can get cotton lungi and polyester cotton blend lungis.

How To Wear Lungi?

One of the dresses for men that is excessively simple to wear is the lungi. You want to begin by going into the lungi.

  • Lower it and spot your legs inside. Rise it up, and afterward attract both the closures to the super left and right sides.
  • Carry one of the closures to the midsection, and crease the other one firmly.
    Embed the collapsed side along the midsection. Overlap tight to guarantee the lungi waits on the abdomen.
  • You can decide to haul at any side, left or right to pick your solace. Likewise, wearing it tight or chomped free is your decision.
  • Notwithstanding, wearing it tight keeps away from any setback.

Benefits of Wearing Lungi

It is difficult to wear restrictive garments all day in tropical nations like India. Men prefer to wear dhotis or lungis in the evenings for this reason.

  • Contrasted and the dhotis, lungis are not difficult to wear and takes less time.
  • Because of the variety combos accessible, the lungis don’t flaunt soil chose them like a dhoti, and you can oversee till the following wash.
  • It forestalls the possibilities of contamination since it is free and keeps the legs get some air.
  • It is not difficult to sit on the ground when you wear a lungi.

Lungis are a popular choice among children due to their vast array of colour and pattern options.

There are numerous variations of lungi casual attire.

Lungis made of polyester are a preferable option if you don’t want to spend time pressing them.

There are lungis with a single colour that are completely plain, checked lungis with multiple colour options, and printed lungis.


Why all the fuss over the lungis? Give it some more thought if that’s what you’re thinking.

Any clothing you wear should be vibrant and appear tidy and clean. A lungi is no different.

You can feel assured and at ease by purchasing from the correct brand and making a wide range of options.

Even in casual clothing, it’s important to display your attitude.


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