Top 10 Most Famous Lungi Brands in India


Lungi brands is the relaxed wear of South Indian men which is the greater part of the times, a dress worn at home or around evening time.

In the ongoing days the lungis get trendier and renowned. Top brands of India concoct tremendous assortments of lungis get to understand what the various brands bring to the table.



The immense assortments appealing tones, and plans are what you can be guaranteed about Mr.Lungi.

Shopping them online from this webpage is conceivable and you will see that the brand brings more to the table.

The nonexclusive white and dark blend premium blue, little check, kasthuri madras checks, Chess, 1 Inch stripes and irregular stripe plans are accessible for the purchasers.

You can find colors that are seldom tracked down in cotton lungi brands here like maroon, brown, violet, green, yellow, orange, red, blue, dark are not many instances of the different variety combos accessible in the nonexclusive model of this brand.

Kitex Lungis


The organization is known for quality items incorporate garments for people. It trades youngsters’ wear to US.

Situated in Kochi the brand that started in 1992 and is known for the scope of lungis it offers to the clients.

You can track down the 100 percent cotton lungis in different styles. The printed lungis are a hit among the clients.

Multi hued really look at lungis, single shaded lungis with large dark checks, white and blue checks, plain saffron and dark hued lungis, are not many of the numerous decisions accessible.

Sangu Mark


Working from 1927 the brand is known for offering economy scope of lungis.

They have various options of lungis which incorporate the kaleidoscopic lungis that have checkered example of various sizes shaded fields white and dark blend lungis, Kattari lungis, printed lungis, immense stripes multi hued lungis, and parcel more.

Blue Leaf


Blue Leaf lungi brands are 100 percent cotton handloom lungis and here again you have a lot of choices.

The cost ranges are monetary and you can find multi hued, Kattari, whites, plain varieties lungis.

They are accessible as sewed free size lungis, and you really want to adhere to wash care directions to work on the existence of the lungi.

Dhrona Lungis


This is on the grounds that the organization offers enormous scope of choices.

Plain cotton variety lungis and white cotton lungis from Dhrona are extremely well known. You can track down unadulterated cotton, and blended choices.

The blended choices accompany 20% polyester and 80% cotton.



Niranj takes care of the different requirements of the clients. You can track down printed lungis, katari, blended, and some other example or plan from Niranj.

Assuming you imagine that you want unstitched lungis, which you can modify to your particular requirements Niranj has the arrangement.

You can get unstitched lungis too from this brand.

SBN Lifestyle


This is on the grounds that their assortments are huge and you will actually want to find something that doesn’t go with the normal choices on the lookout.

SBN Lungis are hand lingered which proposition solace to the clients.



Like its rivals it supplies lungis across India and you can track down it accessible in Amazon.

You can track down plain tones, Kattari, checks, stripes, and different sorts of lungis from this brand for reasonable cost ranges.

Cotton sewed lungis with the expectation of complimentary size is what the brand must offer.

Nandu Brand Lungis


Nandu is the trailblazer in the scope of Elite lungis.

It has assortments for men and young men. The Nandu brand allows you to purchase the enormous reach.

The assortments incorporate Madras Checks, Madras Bold, Full Circle, Urban Style, Blacks, White Plain, Random Stripes, Vintage, Color Plain, print lungis, and White Macho.

Cotton Crown


One more typical name in the lungi is Cotton Crown. Great quality premium cotton lungis in different tones and plans are accessible from this brand.

You can trust this brand for the skin accommodating lungis. Immense checks with matching tones, multi-checks, printed plans, are a couple of what you can get from this brand.


The above rundown of India’s 10 lungis brand is a portion of the rumored and pursued brands in India which guarantees solace and looks polished.

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