Most Famous Fashion Designer In Afghanistan 2024


Afghans inside and outside of Afghanistan continue to feel lost since the Taliban recently took control of the nation.

Even though some people were able to flee and observe everything from afar, its consequences are still felt today.

Anjilla Sedddeqi and Hosna Kohestani, two Afghan fashion designers, have chosen to represent their nation via their creations.

Their passion for their struggling motherland only deepens over time.

Famous Fashion Designer in Afghanistan

Anjilla Seddeqi


Seddeqi was just seven years old when her family emigrated to Australia from Afghanistan. She never wavered, though, in her commitment to her roots and house.

She attended law school, pursued a study of international law, joined the UNHCR to assist those seeking asylum, and worked as a human rights attorney for many years.

Her career as a fashion designer gave her an opportunity to express her love for Afghanistan through creations that drew inspiration from that country.

“For far too long, Afghanistan has been depicted in the West as a country that is constantly at war and in strife.

But despite the constant violence, Afghanistan and its people are more than that. I want to highlight the fact that we are a proud, cultured, and friendly people through my designs, Sedeqqi stated.

Hosna Kohestani


Hosna Kohestani owns her own store in Dubai, and her designs, which are all influenced by Afghan culture are well renowned for their vibrant vibes, with a hint of Afghan traditional cutting and rich gold embroidery.

Sedeqqi’s statements also struck a chord with Kohestani. Yes, it is a difficult period for all of us Afghans.

As an Afghan designer, it will undoubtedly have an affect on me, but for now, I am more worried about my nation.

It gives me a feeling of kinship with my roots. Our traditional Afghan clothing is a masterclass in combining patterns, colours, and textures, and there is much to be learned from it.

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