List of Top 7 Famous Dupattas Brands in India 2023


Dupatta, odhni or chunari, this sensitive piece of material, dates to when it was worn as an issue of pride unobtrusiveness and style proclamation and was a vital piece of a lady’s closet.

As you make a plunge memory, read about the most cherished Indian Heritage dupattas brands ever underneath:

Banarasi Silk Dupattas


Wore by the Mughal eminences, Banarasi Silk is a prized art of now is the right time.

While the affection for Banarasi Saree stays immaculate Banarasi Dupatta shave accomplished a great deal of veneration and interest in the beyond couple of years.

Blends of Chanderi Silk Suits decked with Aari work, Embroidery, Gotta Patti and foil prints consistently coordinate with Banarasi Silk Dupattas Brands.

Bandhani Dupattas


From specifies in the extraordinary time texts of Alexander to carvings on the Ajanta walls,Bandhani – otherwise called Bandhej, is one art, that is near each rajasthani lady of the hour.

The demanding craft of tying seeds, hitching, coloring and drying, makes Bandhani Dupattasa immortal love of each and every craftsman.

Phulkari Dupattas


Standing tall as the pride of Punjab for a really long time, Phulkariis a country weaving specialty of Punjab, exceptionally known for its dynamic quality and striking mathematical botanical themes.

Phulkari which basically implies bloom work arrives in an assortment of customary crochet themes like Bagh, Thirma, Darshan Dwar, Sainchi, Vari-da-bagh, bawan bagh, chope and panchranga bagh, with each having its own importance and appeal.

Phulkari Dupattas Brands are best worn on office parties, happy events and mehndi or sangeet.

Kalamkari Hand Painted Dupattas


Drenched in rich workmanship and culture of meticulously drawing themes of blossoms, creatures, paisleys, plants puppets and stories of Mahabharta and Ramanaya on textures like Cotton, Mangalgiri Endlessly cotton Silk with a kalam, further cheered with select craftsmanship for example kari, KalamkariCraft is essentially as old as 3000 B.C.

Craftsmans paint stories on a plain texture material, plunge the pen in normal colors, draw plans, dapple it with some hand blocks and fill tones to accomplish the last result.

A craftsman requires around 10-15 days to make a solitary piece of Hand Painted Dupatta and goes through drawn-out advances coloring, printing, hand-painting, treating, cleaning from there, the sky is the limit.

Recognizing the way that, all work of high quality craftsmanship accompanies a few inconsistencies, one ought to constantly dry-clean a Kalamkari Hand-Painted Dupatta.

Match these dupattas with Long skirts, splendid strong kurtas, palazzos pants, A-line dresses and that’s just the beginning.

Ikat Dupattas


A specialty embracing love from around the world, Ikatfor years have been known for its vivid and dynamic foggy examples.

This imperishable specialty of tying and coloring each yarn and afterward winding around them to accomplish the last texture, is said to track down its starting point in pieces of Latin America, Indonesia, Japan, Europe and India to give some examples.

In India, craftsmans of Andhra Pradesh living in pieces of Pochampally, Puttapaka and Choutuppal are the leaders in keeping this legacy make alive for such countless years now.

Inferable from its global acknowledgment, Ikat is a genuine charmer in the style world.

Planners are broadly exploring different avenues regarding this well established specialty, and molding it into present day stylish outlines of rompers, peplums, jumpsuits, unbalanced dresses, men’s wear shirts, kurtas, and even sacks, grasps, shoes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Ajrak Modal Satin Dupattas


A Hand Block make drenched in tones of ruby red and blue, Ajrak tracks down its underlying foundations in the Sindh Province of India.

It likewise has its follows in the old Indus Valley Civilization. The arcadian themes of sky components, geometrics, florals, jharokas dappled with hand blocks, plunged in normal colors, are additionally featured with differentiating tones of white and dark, giving it a provincial bohemian feel.

Since you will continuously find these dupattas altogether covered with themes, it’s desirable over coordinate it with fields, to show the complex plan designs in full sparkle.

Embroidered Dupattas


Weaving has been a never-ending play of string and needle rehearsed by craftsmans and weavers as well as a ton of old family ladies.

Tissue Silk Embroidered dupattas have been acquiring a great deal of eyeballs recently. Ladies are joining these with suits as well as with floor length maxi dresses.

Texture cut-out tufts further make these dupattas look considerably seriously engaging and display commendable.

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