Top 10 Saree Manufacturers in India – Latest 2024

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Sarees are available in varied kinds. We have the Tant sarees from West Bengal, Kasavu from Kerala, Bomkai from Odisha, Sambalpuri Sarees, and many more sorts of sarees.

We have a huge selection of saree makers in India. Below are the very best ones:

Best Saree Manufacturers in India [Complete List]

1. Kanchipuram Lakshaya Sarees, Tamil Nadu


This is one of the most significant suppliers of Kanchipuram silk sarees manufacturer. Situated in Tamil Nadu, they have more than a thousand handloom weavers.

The sarees are marketed via dealerships in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and various other locations.

This device also exports sarees to Australia, the United States, and the UK.

They have an excellent as well as huge collection of silk sarees brand in India in remarkable colours. The range begins with Rs. 800 to Rs.1,00,000.

2. Artisan GI, Varanasi


They make the world-famous Banarasi sarees. They make genuine Banarasi Sarees and also offer them straight at excellent prices.

Craftsmen GI aids impoverished weavers by generating work for them. Normally, in this organization, the weavers sell their items to intermediaries for dimes.

The middlemen market the items to dealers and saree wholesalers with a substantial markup. This keeps the weavers trapped in a cycle of destitution.

Artisan GI breaks this cycle by hiring weavers straight and also paying them reasonable salaries.

3. Ajmera Fashion, Gujarat


Ajmera Style is a preferred and also renowned saree manufacturer in Surat. They export their products to more than 20 nations.

They make selections of sarees like routine wear, pricey published wear, designer sarees, to name a few.

They have actually sarees constructed from various materials like silk sarees, cotton sarees, artificial sarees, dyed matching sarees, and so on.

Establish in 1992, Ajmera Style is a stalwart in this field. They have a capacity of greater than one million pieces per month.

4. Maheshwari Handloom Works, Madhya Pradesh

maheshwari- handloom-works

Maheshwari Handloom Works is located in Maheshwari, which is 100 kilometres from Indore.

They are a certified supplier as well as exporter of Maheshwari Sarees Manufacturer, Maheshwari Dupatta, Printed Dupatta, etc.

Madhya Pradesh is understood for the lovely and remarkable Maheswari Silk Cotton Sarees and Indori Silk Sarees.

This producer has products like Boundary sarees, published sarees, Jari Checks Sarees, Cells Sarees, and many more varieties.

You can acquire sarees for wedding events, events, day-to-day wear, and so on, from Maheshwari Handloom works.

5. Sakshi Handloom, Odisha


Sambalpuri sarees are world-renowned for their typical motifs with spiritual significance inspired by Lord Jagannath.

These sarees show the rich as well as vibrant heritage of Odisha. They are normally constructed from Cotton and also Silk.

Sakshi Handloom is popular for Sambalpur sarees. They began in 1991 with just 3 looms making their saree designs.

Now, they produce thousands of selections of Sambalpuri sarees. Individuals that like the motifs of Sambalpuri sarees must see the collection of Sakshi Handloom.

Their collection is huge as well as mesmerising. They have a vast variety of cotton and silk sarees with eye-catching colours as well as saree styles.

6. Apple Sarees Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat


They run under different brand names such as “Saree Shoppers” and also “Saree Mall”. They began in the year 2004 and also slowly expanded their business.

They are currently one of the very best saree suppliers in India. The excellent aspect of Apple Sarees is the wide range of sarees they manufacture.

They make wholesale salwar kameez, Bhagalpuri silk sarees, Hemp sarees, Lemon silk sarees, Royal silk sarees, etc. They have 8 branches across India.

They have a great collection of sarees available at wonderful rates. You can do additional saree on the internet buying with Apple Sarees.

7. Indian Women Fashion Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat


Gujarat Indian Women Style was begun in the year 2008. They are makers as well as exporters of sarees.

They have a yearly turnover of Rs. 10 crores as well as are quite preferred in India.

They make published sarees, day-to-day wear sarees, celebration wear sarees, designer party wear sarees, Georgette Sarees, Synthetic Silk Sarees, etc.

They stay up to date with the most recent style patterns as well as present brand-new collections every year.

The sarees experience extensive testing, as well as only when they fulfill quality requirements are they offered.

8. Sri Sarvalakshmi Silks, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

sri-sarvalakshmi- silks

Sri Sarvalakshmi offers saree wholesale. They produce high-grade conventional silk sarees that standard weavers weave.

They have a prodigious production company, and also their sarees are sold all throughout the world. They make saree materials for wedding, world-renowned Kanchipuram sarees, silk sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees Manufacturer, and so on.

Sri Sarvalakshmi makes sarees for each occasion. They have an outstanding collection of sarees. You can contact them directly on their website or see their shop.

This makes certain that you do not need to pay cash to middlemen representatives and also suppliers.

9. Rashmi Sarees, Gujarat


Gujarat is a considerable manufacturing center in India. Rashmi Sarees are another famous saree producer in Surat.

They are wholesalers and merchants of a flawless collection of sarees. They make Tussar Sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees, Blaton Sarees, etc.

They have a big chunk of the Indian Saree market. They make sarees of every range. You can discover one of the most affordable of sarees, and also you can locate expensive elegant sarees.

They have top notch sarees that can be endured every occasion. You can buy sarees for anniversaries, birthday celebrations, wedding celebrations, day-to-day wear, and so on, from Rashmi Sarees.

10. Ranka Silk, Tamil Nadu


Ranka Silk is a key saree maker located in Coimbatore. They make a rich collection of traditional along with trendy silk sarees.

They have sarees for every moment. You can purchase standard Kanchipuram Sarees, saree for wedding, silk sarees, cotton sarees, synthetic sarees, dyed sarees, and so on.

They try to carry on the standard technique of making sarees. They have something for every person.

To delight in the rich heritage of South India, you can likewise do second saree on the internet purchasing with Ranka Silk.

11. Yashoda Sarees, Gujarat


Yashoda sarees is among the biggest saree suppliers as well as wholesalers of India. They are also the biggest long-tail saree dealer in Surat.

They produce more than a hundred selections of top-quality sarees.

They make an amazing variety of sarees containing everyday wear sarees, uniform sarees, brochure sarees, best chiffon saree brands in India, Surat cotton saree, Malgudi silk sarees, Crepe Saree, and so on.

You can get a saree for every minute of your life. They have terrific costs, and also their high quality is unrivaled.

Verdict India has a wide variety of sarees. Every form of saree encapsulates the abundant heritage and culture of the area.

India is house to the greatest makers and exporters of sarees worldwide. We hope this post gave you all the info you required concerning India’s finest saree suppliers.


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