What Is The Difference Between Banarasi And Kanjivaram Saree ?


Today, when I was undergoing the albums of some stunning Indian weddings, the new brides swiped my interest all of a sudden.

Extra exactly, the wedding outfits-a Kanjivaram saree and a Banarasi saree-grabbed my eyes.

The lovely golden strings took my heart away, as well as I was wondering if I need to enlighten you with the difference in between both sarees.

So, below I am coming up with all that you require to find out about the two spectacular items of garments.

So, what is the distinction in between Banarasi as well as Kanjivaram saree? Both are silk sarees.

While Banarasi weave originates from Varanasi, North India and Kanjivaram derive its roots from Kancheepuram, South India.

While zari work is the beauty of Banarasi sarees, in Kanjivaram sarees, gold threads are utilized for elaborate describing.

Past these, the Banarasi sarees differ in the means of draping, designing, and there are a dozen of various sorts of these beautiful sarees.

Wait! While I pointed out Kancheepuram to be the origin of Kanjivaram, did you obtain Kanjivaram puzzled with the Kanchipuram sarees? Allow’s try to find a response.

What is the Distinction in Between Kanjivaram and Kanchipuram Sarees?

Kanjivaram sarees are originated from Kancheepuram, South India.

So, the Kanjivaram sarees are sometimes referred by the name of its home town as Kanchipuram sarees.

All in all, Kanjivaram, Kanchipuram, and also Kanchi Pattu sarees are the names of a single saree.

Kinds Of Banarasi Sarees


Currently, returning to the major conversation of how Banarasi sarees differ from Kanjivaram sarees.

Though the Banarasi sarees are renowned as beautiful silk sarees, they are weaved from numerous kinds of textile and also designs.

The designs in Banarasi sarees are motivated by the Mughal culture.

The weavers utilize gold and silver Zaris to weave the designs of blossoms as well as themes, called Kalga or Bel.

The complex outlining is so time-taking, that an item of Banarasi saree takes nearly fifteen days to six months to stand finished.

Katan or pure silk, contemporary Shattir, Organza, Georgette, Jangla, Butidar, Tanchoi, Cutwork, and Tissue are the fabric options in Banarasi bride-to-bes sarees.

Select any one of these imperial events to stand apart in the group on your wedding day.

Exactly How To Use a Banarasi Saree?

Gone are the days when traditional draping and accessorizing was the only alternative to use a Banarasi saree.

With the modern-day new brides obtaining more creative, there are a wide variety of Banarasi saree bridal looks to pick from.

The designing of Banarasi sarees varies from Kanjivaram sarees in the way that the sarees originated from different places, and also different collections of devices complement the two sarees.

So, how do you use and also style a Banarasi saree completely on your marriage day?

Banarasi sarees provide you a sprinkle of Mughal grandeur. You have a lot to trying out a Banarasi saree wedding outfit.

A variety of colour choices is the significant destination of Banarasi sarees.

The sarees with a hefty border and shake up layouts on the corners make you look bulky as well as aged.

So, choose a design that is a mid-way between too much heavy creating and as well basic layouts that ruin the gorgeousness of a Banarasi saree.

You can pick any shirt from simple matching coloured shirts, to embroidered ones, zari blouses, and matching bordered blouse, to complete your Banarasi bridal appearance.

Sorts Of Kanjivaram Sarees


Similar to the Banarasi sarees, one more Shaadi wear saree, Kanjivaram sarees, is composed of several materials, and embellished utilizing unique layouts.

The beautiful Kanjivaram sarees are woven with pure Mulberry silk, making the outfit a concern selection among many Indian new brides.

The Kanjivaram sarees use a designer choice among traditional holy place layout, plain Kanjivaram with gold border, and flower weave concepts.

Along with these, you have a choice to pick between traditional as well as modern silk sarees.

How To Wear Kanjivaram Sarees?

Kanjivaram sarees are so stunning that it makes the saree worth enduring a matrimony event, or a function event by the new bride.

Consequently, these wedding silk sarees are even the celebrities’ favorite attires, and also lots of famous personas were spotted putting on the attire on their D-day.

If you are intending to put on a Kanjivaram masterpiece at your wedding celebration, you should recognize exactly how to carry the gorgeous outfit like a pro.

While selecting a Kanjivaram style, you must consider your feminine contours.

The special designs of temples, stripes, and also checks look more conventional than any other.

Yet heavy borders and also bigger styles will make you look curvier as well as cumbersome.

So, such a design is most-suited to lean and slim body-type ladies.

Blouses are the significant other of a Kanjivaram saree, as well as there are some factors to take into consideration before selecting a matching shirt for your outfit.

Though a comparison colour scheme between the saree and shirt is a renowned event, going typical with the same colour shirt as the saree is an evergreen hit.

Also, pointing out an equilibrium between saree as well as shirt is necessary.

So, if you choose a heavy bordered or densely developed saree, make certain that you choose a lighter blouse brands, with lower work on it.

Finally, you require to accessorize to make your attire a super hit.

Bring a thick kajal eyed appearance, with a bindi, standard holy place jewelry in gold, and an additionally oxidized gold midsection band to finish your standard clothing.

Which Matches You Better in Your Wedding Celebration- Banarasi or Kanjivaram saree?

After recognizing the style of these sarees, a basic inquiry comes in our mind about which saree to put on at the wedding celebration-Banarasi or Kanjivaram?

The solution depends solely on your personal preferences, spending plan, and also aspects like that.


Banarasi saree possesses an exquisite Zari-work to weave out the flower concepts and foliage.

However, Kanjivaram silk sarees lug intricate layouts of holy places, motifs, red stripes, and checks, woven with golden or silver threads.

Both of these sarees come in a range of colours and also combinations.

It is your choice to choose the magnificence of Banarasi layouts as well as combination or go along with the cultural chest of Kanjivaram sarees.


Be it a Kanjivaram, or a Banarasi saree, the craftsmen spend a massive amount of time and devoted efforts to produce a single art item.

Such enormous dedication results in a slight shift of costs in the higher price variety.

However, the wedding celebration is an once in a lifetime celebration!

The rate does not place much effect on the royalty that these sarees offer to the new brides on their special days.

However what is the cost of Kanjivaram saree and also Banarasi sarees?

While the rates of a Kanjivaram masterpiece starts from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 50,000, and even higher, a Banarasi saree is usually priced from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 70,000.

So, pick a saree budget plan initially, prior to picking one among these lovely sarees.

Beyond these, other aspects such as the wedding location, preference of North Indian or South Indian society, plays a crucial role to determine which of the sarees must you select to wear on your big day.

However, both of these sarees are sure to make you look stunning and unexpectedly lovely.

So, the Banarasi as well as Kanjivaram sarees present the brides with a nonstop prize of society and custom, which they can hand down from generation to generation.

Despite how modern the days get, these sarees will certainly never shed their charm and also appeal.

If you are heading towards your special day, I will certainly ask you to consider all the factors, options, and also choices to choose one amongst the Banarasi and Kanjivaram sarees.

Furthermore, I wish that you are informed enough concerning the difference in between Banarasi and also Kanchipuram sarees to pick the most ideal layout, shirt, as well as colour combination, according to your body and character.

So, women, obtain your work of art standard wear, accent it religiously, and also look amazing on the lifetime day of your ceremony.

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